Castles of Serbia

Villa Ludwig Reiss

Bačka Palanka

Villa Ludwig Reiss is located at 18 JNA Street. Today, it is the central building of the “Mladost” preschool. It was built at the beginning of the 20th century, and Reiss was a landowner, he had a large tract of land on the border of the Obrovac-Tovariševo-Gajdobra area.

The villa is a great example of the sezession that developed in southern Hungary in line with the trends that prevailed throughout the monarchy at the time. It is ochre in colour, with brown decorations, and the facade facing the street looks like an ordinary residential house. The façade has several parts, of which the side avant-corpses with blind rosettes and a cornice above, with three narrow windows, and the central part with three wide windows can be distinguished. However, the authentic character of the villa can be seen from the courtyard. There is a glazed porch that looks very sloppy, with a catastrophic roof added during socialism, and then two side circular towers with domes with pseudo-Ionic embedded columns and a central, larger dome that overhangs the tower that seems to grow out of the central part of the building. It is in a particularly dilapidated condition and is prone to collapse. The interior round room still retains the features of a luxurious dining room, with decoration and sumptuous chandeliers, lamps and mirrors.

There is project technical documentation for the building, conservation and restoration works, rehabilitation and adaptation from 2019. No entry is allowed in the building.

This project was supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia.