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Teachers' Home Building


The building of the Teachers ‘Home in Niš was built in 1933 for the needs of accommodation and work of teachers and handed over to the management of the Teachers’ Association of Niš. It represents a protected immovable cultural asset as a cultural monument.

The Teachers’ Association started the construction of the building in 1930 on the plot obtained from the Municipality in 1922, according to the designs of the architects Julien Dupont and Bora Simović, who also supervised the execution of the work. Construction was completed in 1932, and the building was inaugurated on January 10, 1933. The teachers ‘home was built for the needs of accommodating the children of teachers who died in the Great War and for various cultural and social needs of the then Yugoslav Teachers’ Association.

The teacher’s home is designed in the spirit of eclecticism. Its corner position determines its asymmetric polygonal plane; the corner façade is highlighted by a large octagonal dome. The building consists of a ground floor and a first floor; the ground floor and the first floor are separated by cornices that intertwine the facades horizontally; the vertical rhythm is provided by tall windows separated by stylized engaged pilasters. The corner facade has a balcony with a balustrade. In the northeast wing of the building, in Kralj Stefan Prvovenčani Street, there is an entrance with a large double-winged staircase that leads to the hallway, and then to the ceremonial hall. At the front, at Sinđeli

Square, the main entrance leads to a corridor and a wide double flight staircase; it also provides access to the teacher’s room with a shared kitchen. Apart from its architectural value, the building has historical significance because it testifies to the development of cultural and educational activities in southern Serbia. It is an elegant ochre colour.

It now seems abandoned and not in use for some time. In recent years, it has been the subject of disputes between the Teachers’ Association of Serbia and the city of Niš, in which the teachers who remain its owners have won. The city of Niš originally intended to house the offices of the nearby Misdemeanour Court.

This project was supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia.