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Hotel Šumadija


Bukovik suddenly became popular among tourists when the benefits of mineral hot baths were popularized, and the vigorous construction of spa facilities within Bukovička Banja limits began. That way is how in the period 1936-1939 the accelerated construction of baths and hotels started in the year 2000, among which the Hotel Šumadija stood out. Like everything that was being built then, this building was designed by Gojko Todić, and the contractor was Đura Borošić from Belgrade.

The hotel was completed at an unfortunate time, in 1939, so that it served its purpose in freedom for only two years, and it was one of the most modern in the then Kingdom of Yugoslavia. The hotel had two floors, an attic, a basement and a spacious terrace on the west side. The entrance to the hotel was monumental and made of granite steps and was adorned with high marble pillars. Politika, in 1939, wrote: “The new hotel, which was also built, is completely modern and is located by the outdoor pool.” It had 80 rooms, several suites and an elevator, and each room had steam heating and luxury furniture. Nevertheless, the exterior is somewhat totalitarian, in keeping with the ruling styles of Germany, Italy, the USSR, and other countries that despised ornaments and forced Spartan austerity.

The entrance to the hotel had an elegant hall. Its facade is ochre in colour, and the pillars at the entrance, built in a pseudo-antique style, have white details. The pillars are built in such a way that they do not belong to any of the styles of ancient Greece or Rome, but only resemble them. On the entrance facade there is a Cyrillic inscription ŠUMADIJA (ШУМАДИЈА), in art deco letters. The facade is still defaced by graffiti, although an accelerated renovation is underway, since works has begun and privatization has taken place. The hotel should regain its former splendour in the nearest future.

This project was supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia.