Castles of Serbia

Anker Palace


Anker Palace was not named after the owner’s surname, as is often the case, but after the insurance company to which it belonged. Namely, this magnificent building, built in 1899 during the fin-de-siècle period, when there was an intertwining of styles and dynamic ideas in architecture. The designer of the building was Milan Antonović, and the financier, as mentioned, was Anker Insurance Company.

The architecture of the fin-de-siècle period is characterised by academicism with a free combination of elements, a kind of eclecticism, and Antonović achieved the most by playing with the elements that gave him dynamism, without losing the monumentality of the building. The building is built with classic material, brick and lime mortar. The breath of Byzantine, i.e. Serbian medieval tradition is visible in the combination of ochre colour that dominates most of the space on the upper floors, with terracotta colour that dominates the ground floor and window frames. A bizarre solution, but a solution that gives additional dynamics, is that the two end windows on both floors on both sides of the building are done without frames in terracotta colour, which gives the effect of a certain surprise to the viewer.

The location of this building is of particular importance because, together with the “Atina” (Athens) palace, the “Moskva” (Moscow) hotel, the house of Aleksa Krsmanović and the Smederevska Bank, it forms part of the urban environment of Terazije that was formed at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century.