Castles of Serbia

Postal Home

Vrnjacka Banja

The Postal Home is located in Vrnjačka Banja and represents an immovable cultural asset as a cultural monument. It was built in 1937 with funds from the Lazar and Anka Stojadinović Endowment Fund as a Sanatorium for the recovery of postal workers. High ground floor, first floor and attic. According to the design, the building was intended only for accommodating guests, it had ten rooms of different sizes on two floors and shared bathrooms with two stalls (for men’s and women’s toilets), facing northwest, towards the courtyard. The central corridor runs along the length of the building in the northeast-southwest direction, while the entrance is on the southeast side. The foundations are made of compacted concrete and lined with sandstone. It is built of old format bricks and lime mortar, plastered and painted. Shallow relief decoration is especially emphasized on the corner surfaces. A monumental double staircase leads to the high ground floor and a terrace surrounded by a balustrade, which goes along the main facade. Upon completion of the construction, the equipment and furniture were provided by the Association of PTT clerks, which also used the sanatorium.

With the renovation from 1990, changes were made in the organization of the premises, as well as in their equipment (new floors and ceramic tiles were installed,bathrooms were arranged). At that time, dining halls and boiler rooms were added on the north side, as well as a loft-made attic covered with painted sheet metal.

This project was supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia.