Castles of Serbia

Villa Katarina

Banja Koviljača

Villa Katarina is located on a hillock above the City Park where Kur Salon is located, and is one of the most elegant in Banja Koviljača. It stands out with its notable position on the plot and a magnificent view of the park. It is designed according to the principles of academism and has an eclectic approach in the application of both decorative and architectural elements. The colour of the villa is white, and the facade is decorated with Cyrillic letters “Villa Katarina”, a font that is characteristic of the art deco era between the two wars. On the property deed in possessionof the current owners, it is written that “Vila Jović” was built for TrifunJović and that it was designed in 1932 in the Technical Company “Renesans” owned by Dragoljub P. Vukšić from Belgrade.


The villa consists of a ground floor, first floor and basement, but it looks powerful and monumental. This impression is contributed by the dominant double staircase with a balustrade, which leads to a porch with four pillars, surmounted by a balcony. The villa is conventionally conceived, but the internal staircase is monumentally designed, while in the interior around the central hall are regularly arranged rooms such as study rooms, lounge, and dining room. The privatearea of the villa is upstairs, in accordance with the tendencies of that and today’s times (bedrooms, bathrooms), while the basement is intended for auxiliary rooms, and is not for living. The villa is reached by a steep climb.

The villa is privately owned, solidly maintained and entry is not allowed.

This project was supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia.