Castles of Serbia

Castles of Serbia is a site dedicated to castles and summer houses in Serbia, which are numerous, but often in very poor condition. We believe that revitalisation is not only possible but also necessary. Reconstruction and revitalisation of existing facilities would result in representative and financially self-sustaining buildings and edifices that could be the cultural pride, tourist potential and financial source of this country.

Castles and summer houses are grouped according to geographical criteria, and their history, architectural features, interior and exterior are described, as well as the legends that circulate about them. Special emphasis is placed on their current state.


The association was founded to achieve goals in the field of culture and cultural heritage, tourism, journalism, media, information, social protection and social care for children, innovative and social values ​​and planning, organising and implementing all kinds of events.

In order to achieve its goals, the association:

  1. develops and organises professional training programs for cultural, tourist, media and other workers, public advocates and journalists,
  2. develops and implements various professional development programs in all activities,
  3. organises education and workshops for children and youth with the engagement of professional lecturers on topics from various fields, especially in the field of culture, tourism, media, ecology, sports, healthy living, social and innovative values ​​and tolerance,
  4. organises accredited seminars with the engagement of experts from various fields, while respecting the promotion of human rights, freedoms and democracy,
  5. organises, by itself or in cooperation with individuals and legal entities, private and public institutions, non-governmental and other organisations, festivals, conferences, professional gatherings, conferences and other events and manifestations in the country and abroad, with the aim of encouraging civil initiative and social communication,
  6. collects and processes scientific and professional literature in the field of culture, tourism, social and innovative values, journalism, media and other social sciences and humanities,
  7. publishes books, audio-visual materials and films, and other publications related to culture, tourism, social and innovative values, journalism, media, public information, organisation and realisation of events, etc,
  8. cooperates with universities, schools, media, private and public sector and other state and public institutions and organisations in the country and abroad, in order to achieve common goals.