Castles of Serbia

Villa Rohonci

Pearl Island, Novi Bečej

The Castle at Pearl Island (Biserno ostrvo) was built by baron Gedeon Rohonci at the end of the 19th century. It is located in natural surroundings of the bayou, the so-called Dead Tisza, that is suitable for growing grapevine. This is where the best quality, autochthonous Krokan wine originates from. The castle is a multi-storey building with style characteristics reflecting classical period. Dominant element of the main facade is risalit with three simetrically positioned windows on the ground floor and the upper floor of the building. On the ground floor there is entrance porch that is positioned in the central part of the main facade. The risalit is accentuated by plaster decorations that imitate stone blocks. The roof is masssive and in its central part was octagonal observation tower that has been changed by later adaptations. The dimensions and style of the castle at Pearl Island make it a valuable object, especially in the ambiance marked by the proximity of Tisza river, vineyards, orchards and fertile land. Today the castle is in poor condition and reconstruction is necessary. The castle is registered as a cultural asset.

Mihály, the man we found guarding the castle, told us that in the process of restitution, the estate was first returned to Rohonci’s heir – Christian Sauska. Today, Christian lives in the USA, he owns several important wineries in Hungary, and if the estate were indeed returned to him, there is a serious chance that the Pearl Island will return to its former glory.

This project was supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia.