Castles of Serbia

Vila Karadžić

Bukovička Banja

Villa Karadžić, built in the 1930s, was designed by architect Andrej Papkov, a Russian emigrant. It was named after the first owner, Karadžić, who was the director of the National Theatre in Niš. Double and threefold windows and all arched voids are framed by cut granite; the facades are dominated by white colour with red brick, as well as grey elements. The facade of the building is characteristic of the constructions of the spa park Bukovička Banja and the style of eclecticism. The villa is dominated by a tower reminiscent of the castles of Central and Southern Europe. There is a desire to make a “wonderful castle” like in a fairy tale, with all the elements that compose such a castle: elaborate chimneys and terraces, as well as roof decorations.

The facility is owned by Elektromreže Srbije and access to it is not allowed.


This project was supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia.