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Theological seminary

Sremski Karlovci

The building of the seminary, that is, officially, the Theological Seminary, was erected for the needs of the boarding school for students of the Karlovci Theological Seminary 1901-1903. under the auspices of Patriarch Georgij Branković. The author of the design was again the architect Vladimir Nikolić, who at the turn of the century designed the most magnificent buildings in Karlovci. At the very beginning, the building was known as the “People’s Home”.

The first regular theological school for Orthodox Serbs was founded by Metropolitan Stefan Stratimirović of Karlovci in Karlovci in 1794. At the end of the 19th century, one of the first departments of beekeeping (Prof. Jovan Živković) in Europe was established within the seminary. It should be emphasized that the hearth of our famous and wonderful church chant was in the Karlovci seminary. It is a famous Karlovci chant. The teachers of that chant were archpriest Anastasije Popović and the priest Đura Popović. Atanasije’s chanting is preserved even today in the church music of Kornelije Stanković.

The seminary has a square outline and protrusions on the edges, decorated with decorative rustic. The central building is made of facade bricks, while the ornaments are plastered and painted yellow, which gives a classic golden-red combination from the Orthodox old homeland of the Serbs. The wide entrance staircase is guarded by two barechested sphinxes. On the edges of the central avant-corp, on the roof, there are two allegorical statues.

Today, since 1964, the seminary (clerical school in the rank of high school) “St. Arsenije Sremac” and the Archives of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts have been operating in this building.

The building is open to visitors under certain conditions. Its condition is excellent.

This project was supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia.