Castles of Serbia

Summer house of Count Pejačević


One of the villas of the count Pejačević from Ruma, apart from the villa “Moja volja” in nowadays Jarkovci, is a small building which is today a primary school in the village of Žarkovac, right next to Ruma, on the road to Inđija. Today, it serves as an school branch for the lower grades of elementary school from nearby Putinci.

The building is orange-burgundy in colour and is single storey building. The porch at the entrance has simple pillars, the central two of which are such that they support the canopy over the entrance door, which is triangular in shape. The windows on the building do not have any decoration, since the building was built as simple, and over time it has been simplified by numerous alterations after nationalization.

Entrance to the building is allowed.

This project was supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia.