Castles of Serbia

Kaštel Vamošer

Bački Monoštor

One of the most interesting castles of rich families in the vicinity of Sombor, built in the 19th century, is Kaštel Juranović, which was later named Kaštel Vamošer after the new owner.

Anton Krušper, a local rich man, built a castle, or rather a summer house along the bank of the Grand Bačka Canal, when on the road from Monoštor to Sombor. He was, in fact, Anton Krušper Jr., and that happened in 1823, so the castle was built in the neoclassical style and could be easily found somewhere in the vastness of the Russian Empire. The Semza family from Sombor bought it in the second half of the 19th century, and in 1893 the Semza family sold the castle to Nandor Vamošer, who was a rich Hungarian Jew from Monoštor.

After him, the building took its present name, and Nandor renovated and arranged it, and even inserted a small Jewish chapel in it. The castle originally had ten rooms, and below it was a large wine cellar. Vamošer wanted to arrange the surrounding property, and even made a park with a hanging garden. However, with the coming of the Nazis to power, the Vamošers wisely withdrew and sold the castle to Georg Juranović, an industrialist from Sentivan (Prigrevica), and the castle was renamed Kaštel Juranović after this owner. However, this property did not last long. After 1945, the castle was nationalised.

Today it is private property and cannot be entered without the permission of the owners themselves. What is interesting is that during the construction, 200 years ago, material from the Roman era was found, and between the two wars Ernest Bošnjak made feature films here as part of the First Yugoslav Film Factory, which Bošnjak founded in Sombor in 1923.

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